Kenneth Vaughn


I grew up in upstate New York on a farm .My hobbies as a kid were playing the drums and fishing. A lot of time was spent in the Adirondack Forest and other areas pursuing brook trout.

I attended college for 4 years in biology and environmental sciences. There were two dreams that I had while I was young. First one was to become a rock star and secondly go to Alaska. So of course I chose the Alaskan dream, I sold the drums and off I went driving to Alaska to start my young adult life.

Spent 26 years in Alaska and had many once in a life time adventures there. The hunting and fishing adventures are to many to mention but I can say that Im one of the few that has been chased by a bear up a tree, and also has chased a bear up a tree.

I have spent many months alone in the wilderness, but eventually moved to a small town and after many odd jobs became an artist and have been doing that since 1992. In 2012 I sold my 5 log homes and moved to the big island in Hawaii. I still spend summers in Alaska but winters in Hawaii, and currently, I live in New York.

For many years I carved caribou and moose antlers and travelled to many Alaskan bush communities to get my supplies. These days I make knives using these antlers and many other materials. I love searching for materials to use for my knives and my specialty is finding very unique ones for my customers.

Alaskan Style Knives
Hawaii Style Knives
Handcrafted Decorative Handles


I bought one of Ken knives while visiting the Adirondacks and have to say,one heck of a knife.

Doctor D.

We visited Alaska and bought one his knives for our Dad and he is crazy about it

Brea Family

I've known Ken for years and buy one of his knives every year when he comes out with a new style,my whole family loves them!!!!!

Dave F.
Phone: 808-494-8670
180 Vaughn Road
Richfield Springs, NY 13439